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2023 North Island U16/U18 Inter-Provincials WaiBOP Team Results

There were some exceptional results, massive PBs and everyone looked fantastic in their event shirts.

  • The 2022 Team was 37 athletes, 18 females and 19 males, with a total of 82 known PB’s.
  • The 2023 Team was 40 athletes, 19 females and 21 males, with a total of 159 known PB’s.

Keep an eye out for the event Merit and Excellence awards, on the event Facebook page 

Team results Summary:

U16 Competition WaiBOP came 1st overall [Girls 2nd and Boys 1st]

U18 Competition WaiBOP came 1st overall [Girls 2nd and Boys 1st]

We are still waiting for the relays to be compiled, this takes a mathematical genius to work out.

Team and individual certificates will be coming soon.

WaiBOP competition results:

We award athletes for PB’s as they progress through the competition season. This is the reason why we ask for the PB’s prior to the competition starting. These people will all be getting awards. Personal bests list.


U16 Girls

U16 Boys

U18 Girls

U18 Boys


Hannah Hickson

David Mora

Lillian Muir

Fletcher van Heuven


Mia de Jager

Jack Marra

Madison Rattray

Zack Conroy


Amelie Wood

Keyden Theron

Saskia Rhind

Henry Mayston


Hayley Koppens

Jake Lomas

Holly Fausett

Callum Murray

From a personal perspective, seeing progress in development and performance is worth celebrating.

Competition individual results summary:

We are just listing the top 5 athletes placings here. When we have the certificates we will let you know more about the excellence and merit awards.

AGE GROUP                    PLACES

Grade 14 females             3rd Hannah Hickson

Grade 14 males                4th Kayden Theron

                                            5th Jake Lomas

Grade 15 females             1st Boh Ritchie

                                            2nd Mia de Jager

                                            3rd Holley Fausett

                                            4th Melelosaline Lose

                                            5th Maia Poutawera

Grade 15 males                2nd Jack Marra

                                            4th  Hamish Murray

Grade 16 females            2nd Teeka Randell             

Grade 16 males                3rd Jaxon Woolley

                                            4th Wiremu Knowles

Grade 17 males                2nd Louie Endres

                                            5th Callum Murray

Massive well done for Boh Ritchie who had the biggest point score for the competition, and Mia de Jager was just behind her.


We have been very fortunate that this 2023 season has brought about our best level of sponsorship for our team. Some of these companies have supported us for a couple of years now. Please support them as well.

Prizes will be awarded to:

  • All athletes listed on the Personal best list (all 16 of you)
  • Boh Ritchie – top competition point scorer
  • Maddison Rattray – designing the event shirt
  • Jaxon Woolley – for looking awesome on TV in Australia!
  • Louie Endres – for contribution to the survey – Athletes voice
  • Maia Poutawera – for contribution to the survey – Athletes voice

There are certificates for all team members coming. 

Well done to the whole team, it was a great result and there are changes planned for next season. Thank you to those that filled in the survey, we needed this information to help us.

Athletes working group:

Those athletes that have voiced that they would like to help with a working group, we will be in contact with you to organise a web meeting for you to participate in. For anyone else that has not stepped forward but would like to be involved, please email Berny on