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Waikato-Bay of Plenty team for 2022 NZ Track and Field Championships

The Waikato-Bay of Plenty team for the 2022 New Zealand Track and Field Championships has been announced.  Congratulations to the following athletes that have been selected to represent the region:

William Bourne                 Athletics Tauranga

Connor Brown                   Athletics Tauranga

Holly Fausett                     Athletics Tauranga

Charo Heijnen                   Athletics Tauranga

Matt Hill                               Athletics Tauranga

Lulu Johnson                      Athletics Tauranga

Harrison Mcgregor          Athletics Tauranga

Callum Murray                  Athletics Tauranga

Hamish Murray                 Athletics Tauranga

Julian Oakley                      Athletics Tauranga

Finnley Oliver                    Athletics Tauranga

Maia Poutawera               Athletics Tauranga

Elliott Pugh                         Athletics Tauranga

Ian Pugh                              Athletics Tauranga

Mariah  Ririnui                   Athletics Tauranga

Gurpreet Singh                 Athletics Tauranga

Brooke Somerfield          Athletics Tauranga

Michael  Sutton                 Athletics Tauranga

Samuel Tanner                  Athletics Tauranga

Jaxon Woolley                   Athletics Tauranga

George Wyllie                    Athletics Tauranga

Zach Bellamy                      Cambridge Athletic & Harrier Club

James Corbett                   Cambridge Athletic & Harrier Club

Wiremu Knowles             Cambridge Athletic & Harrier Club

Ella Smart                            Cambridge Athletic & Harrier Club

Danielle Aitchison            Hamilton City Hawks

Jemima Antoniazzi           Hamilton City Hawks

Ben Bidois                           Hamilton City Hawks

Bradley Bidois                    Hamilton City Hawks

Nathan Browne                 Hamilton City Hawks

Mia de Jager                      Hamilton City Hawks

Jacob Douglas                    Hamilton City Hawks

Louie Endres                      Hamilton City Hawks

Aimee Ferguson               Hamilton City Hawks

Sophie  Hancock               Hamilton City Hawks

Jade Henley-Smith          Hamilton City Hawks

Losaline Lose                     Hamilton City Hawks

Alessandra Macdonald  Hamilton City Hawks

Joseph  Morgan                 Hamilton City Hawks

Tori Peeters                       Hamilton City Hawks

Kiana Pohe                         Hamilton City Hawks

Teeka Randell                    Hamilton City Hawks

Madison Rattray               Hamilton City Hawks

Zarah Rattray                     Hamilton City Hawks

Boh Ritchie                         Hamilton City Hawks

Toby Robb                          Hamilton City Hawks

James Robertson             Hamilton City Hawks

Kurt Sweeney                    Hamilton City Hawks

Kerry White                        Hamilton City Hawks

Grace Wisnewski              Hamilton City Hawks

Lisa Adams                         Lake City Athletic Club

Hannah Gapes                   Lake City Athletic Club

Gisele Howard                   Lake City Athletic Club

Poppy Martin                     Lake City Athletic Club

Annalies Kalma                  Te Aroha Athletic & Harrier Club

Tatiana Kaumoana          Te Aroha Athletic & Harrier Club

Fletcher Van Heuven      Te Aroha Athletic & Harrier Club

Sarah Hewlett                   Te Awamutu Athletic Club

Ben Hennessy                   Waihi Amateur Athletics Club

Hayden Wilde                    Whakatane

Murray Green (0276216608), John Tylden (0272645030), Dianne Rodger (0211940600), Criss Strange, Kevin Bradley, Malcolm Taylor

Relay Squads can be found here