As An Official

Athletics New Zealand Technical Officials Education and Qualification

Become an official – or improve or extend your qualifications if you are already a qualified official.  You will serve your club better on club nights as well as the wider athletics community at ribbon days and interclub events.  You can even be involved at national (eg. Colgate Games and Porritt Classic) and international level if you want.

Athletics New Zealand have an officials’ education and qualification scheme (ANZOES).  The Centre has Heather O’Hagan to undertake the training of officials.  The goal is to provide people with initial training regarding the rules and procedures for athletics officiating, and then to provide the opportunity to gain experience and advance their qualifications.

Courses can be arranged for a Sunday anywhere in the centre or on a series of week-nights near Hamilton.  The Sunday courses usually take from about 9:30am to 2:30pm, including a written test.  The week-nights courses would require at least two 2-hour sessions.

Levels C & B

Level C is the initial level for recognition by Athletics New Zealand.  It is suitable for people who help at club nights, ribbon days and inter-club competitions.  Level B is for people who have done the initial level and gained further practical experience (15 days above club-night activity) and can therefore accept more responsibility.

Level A

Level A courses are for people with comprehensive experience and likely to be asked to officiate in key positions at major meetings such as league and championships.  In the 2 years after qualifying at Level B a further 15 days officiating experience is needed including duty at an Athletics New Zealand Championships.

Officiating Activities

ANZOES is divided up into specific areas so people may qualify in Jumps, Throws, Track, Walks and Non-Stadia.  There is also provision for measuring road courses and for officiating for athletes with a disability.

If you would like to arrange training for your club officials, contact Heather:

AWBoP Officials’ Training Officer

Heather O’Hagan
PO Box 106
Paeroa 3640
Mobile:  027 471 3220


Some basic information for new officials attending training courses can be found here