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IAAF Rule Changes 2017


The recent IAAF competition rule changes announced several months ago came into effect in New Zealand on 1st October 2017. The National Officials Committee have decided that, due to ongoing discussions at the IAAF, the rule change around time allowed for field events WILL NOT TAKE EFFECT IN NEW ZEALND UNTIL 1st NOVEMBER 2017.


So for all competitions held before 1st November 2017 the old rule of 1min for general field event trials will still be in force.


Unless otherwise notified, for competitions held from 1st November 2017 the new rule for 30secs for general field event trials will come into effect.


All other rule changes came into effect on 1st October.


A rule changes seminar is set for Thursday 26th October at 6pm at the Tauranga Domain track. Those interested in attending to contact Heather O'Hagan:  or 0274713220



Heather O’Hagan, WBOP Regional Officials Educator.



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