Local Coaches

The Following coaches are active in our region and are happy to be approached by athletes: 

Craig Kirkwood - Tauranga based, Middle and Long Distance running, more details can be found here

Murray Green - Based at the Te Awamutu Athletics Club, email here 

Ange Russek - Based at St.Peter's School, Cambridge, email here  

Mike Riley - Based in Hamilton, specialises in Middle and Long Distance running, email  here 

Val Bromley - Tauranga based, Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps, Throws and Multi Event, email here



We currently have one dedicated staff member, Kerry Hill in the Bay of Plenty with CoachForce (part of Sport Bay of Plenty):


PO Box 13355 Tauranga 3141  Email

Coach Education & Development

Clubs in the AWBoP region are building an excellent base of coaches and this is reflected in the very good results achieved by school, club and centre teams last season at National Championships, and at North Island and regional competitions. Thank you to all those volunteer coaches who are sharing their time and knowledge with both young and old in our centre to make sure that progress continues to be made.

Athletics NZ Coach Education

The Athletics New Zealand Coaching Programme has a number of elements and options available for people who wish to start coaching and for those who wish to improve their skills and coaching qualifications.

An outline of the Coach Education process is available on the Athletics New Zealand Website (
www.athletics.org.nz) under ‘Pathways / Coach Development’.

Run Jump Throw Athletics

These courses are the first step in the Athletics New Zealand Coach Education programme. They have become very popular for primary and intermediate schools and children’s athletic clubs. The course emphasises teaching of basic athletic skills to children. Run Jump Throw is a 2-hour introductory course, while FAST (Fundamental Athlete Skill Teaching) is more comprehensive 6 hour course. Both courses will be presented on demand for clubs provided that there are 8 participants.

A very comprehensive Run Jump Throw manual is available from the SportsForce Athletics Development Officer and all Children’s Athletics Clubs should have copies for their coaches ($40 each).

Level 1

This is the next qualification for athletic coaches. Upon obtaining this qualification, coaches will have skills to be able to coach club athletes and secondary school athletes. Level 1 courses are conducted in 3-hour sessions. 4 modules of 3 hours, plus 15 hours of practical coaching, are required for Level 1 accreditation.

Level 2

This is the next stage of the coach education accreditation programme and specialises in single event or like groups of athletic events. This qualification involves 8-15 hour modules over one or two days. Assessment for this qualification consists of a practical coaching assignment, including completion of a workbook. The assessment period can last from 6-12 months. There are entry prerequisites before undertaking a Level 2 Coach Education programme.

Level 3

This is the highest qualification currently available to New Zealand athletics coaches. This qualification will give the coach the skills to be able to coach at all levels of performance, from club athlete through to working with senior athletes at the highest international level. This course will be of 5 days duration and will be organised on a seminar and workshop format. This Level is recommended for coaches coaching nationally ranked athletes and athletes in squads, and for coaches working at the club level across many events or who are supervising other coaches or managing the club coaching resources.

Costs (Please make cheques payable to: Athletics Waikato-Bay of Plenty)





Purchase of a Run Jump Throw manual is recommended ($40)

Level 1

$50 for the first module (inclusive of Athletics New Zealand resource “Basic Athletics”), which is used for the first module, and provides the basic text for all subsequent modules. $15 for all other modules.

Level 2 & 3

The cost of these courses will vary, as they have different resource and time requirements.



For general enquiries about the Bay of Plenty area, contact the 

CoachForce Officer (details above).


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